Human soluble Toll-Like Receptor 2 (sTLR2) reagents and assays available for research and licensing

Human soluble toll-like receptor 2 (sTLR2) is a biomarker associated with inflammation, sepsis and function of the innate immune system.

A selection of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies have been developed, specific for the extracellular domain of human sTLR2, and are available for research and commercial use.

Licensing opportunities are now available for the following reagents and assays;

  • Four monoclonal antibodies with specific reactivity to sTLR2
  • Two polyclonal antibodies raised to different regions of human sTLR2
  • Monoclonal antibody pair for use in immunometric assays for the detection of human sTLR2, which have been successfully used in immunochromatographic lateral flow assays using human serum, and in ELISA format
  • Lateral flow assay for the detection of human sTLR2

For further information for research or commercial use please contact JR Biomedical Ltd.

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